Open wifi setting


I would like to open the wifi settings when a user is not connected to internet. I can know if a user is connected or not to internet but I don’t find plugin to switch on the wifi setting. Someone knows a plugin which can help me to do that ?

Thanks a lot for your help :smiley:

This cordova plugin should help. Good luck!

Hi @macfam ,
thanks very much.

Do you know the same plugin but for IOS ? because with this one I can’t open the wifi setting.

You are welcome @maloise_44. Unfortunately I believe the plugin supports iOS as much as it is able to. It seems we are limited on iOS to only open the Settings app or the individual app settings. See the Settings Launch URL documentation from Apple. According to this thread the functionality was removed in iOS 5.1.

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Ok I see. Thank you very much for your time

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hey! is this plugin is still in use ? when i try to add in CLI, iam getting error!