Record .wav/.mp3 on Android and iOS


I have the following problem when building an Ionic-App for Android and iOS. I have to record an audiofile in .wav or .mp3 or any format that both platforms are compatible with and it seems to be impossible to achieve that. I’ve tried it with the Media and the MediaCapture plugin but MediaCapture produces .amr on Android (so iOS is not compatible with it) and Media seems to not even record a .wav file.

The next step would be to extract the file to store it into a CouchDB. But the main problem is finding a solution for recording in a file format, that works on both platforms.

Summing up: I need to record an audio in the same filetype for Android and iOS and upload it to CouchDB afterwards.

I hope someone has a sample solution and is willing to share it with me. I’m quite desperate because it’s for my diplomacy in school…

Greetings, Simon