Record Routes

Hallo there!

I am trying to figure out something complex and i do not know from where to begin.

I want to record the route froms users and display them on google maps.

I have already implemented google maps but nothing more.

Is it possible to record the route?

Thank you!

Hi @gnasis

this should be possible. You could track the gps coordinates with this cordova plugin. These information can then be plotted on google maps. For a good start you might want to check this stackoverflow thread:

Hallo @dotzilla!

It seems to bee a good combinanation. Especially, the Snap to Roads Framework.

Right now, i am able to retrieve my current position and update it every 8 sec. And it is working very good.
What i cannot figure out, is how to store my route (gps points) to plot it later.

How about setting up a service for this? You could then simply push new values to this service and this will store your data as long as your application is running. Or do you need to store gps data even if the application is closed?

Exactly, I need all the gps coordinates to be stored, so after the user has finished his route to be able to see it. All the routes he has made. Like a personal history of routes.
I am using Parse server and mongoDB current moment.