Received memory warning and closes the application

Hello guys, It’s been a few days I’m trying to solve this problem, but every time the application closes.

When I test on Ipad it displays the alert 'Received memory warning ', and after a few slide closes the application, know any solution?

Just in Ipad the application closes, in simulator or in android, work very well.

Not enough available RAM on your device to load all images?

Is default, is there any way to free up more RAM for application?

I have the same problem with slidebox. When I load into it more elements, in my case 22 elements I receives memory warning and application closes. Is this possible that there are memory leaks in slidebox or is it so memory consuming ? My slides on slidebox has only text content + 1 bigger image + 3 icons, so the content of each slide is not heavy. When I load only 10 elements to slidebox, the performance is much better and I don’t have memory warnings.

So for slide-box, you dynamically show and hide slides that aren’t the previous, current, or next slide.