Read RFID tags in ionic

Hi I am working on the project where we need to read the RFID tags. I search a lot.
I found that the phonegap-nfc plugin …but is this able to read the RFID ?? i haven’t tried yet.
while i was searching i found following blog that says that phonegap-nfc plugin is capable of scanning the both but I couldn’t find any official plugin for reading the RFID…

Can anyone help me out ??
pardon me if my question was to silly i am just newbie in NFC and RFID.

Thanks in advanced.


The problem of RFID is that this is not really standardized and this greatly depends on your hardware, so actually you need to ask the PDA supplier to wrap their RFID APIs in a phonegap plugin.

NFC is actually a standardized set of characteristics for a RFID, that is why it exists a standard Phonegap plugin for this.

For those that might be interested, here is an Ionic demo app using RFID: