React default page transition not working

Hey! I followed the docs but the default page transition is not working
(When I use a custom animation inside IonRouterOutlet animation prop it works, but I just want the default animation)

this is my App.tsx and I also wrapped all my pages with IonPage

What am I doing wrong?

  <IonRouterOutlet id="main" animated={true}>
   <Route path="/" exact>
    <Redirect to="/auth/continue" />
   <Route path="/auth/continue" component={Continue} />
   <Route path="/auth/sign-in" component={SignIn} />
   <Route path="/auth/sign-up" component={SignUp} />

example for navigating

const router = useIonRouter();
router.push("/auth/sign-in", "forward");

Wrapping with IonContent resolved the page transitions :upside_down_face: