Custom page transitions/animation for a single page (Ionic React)

Hey everyone! After checking the docs and extensive googling I couldn’t find any information on the subject, so I decided to ask the community: is there a way to define custom transitions between pages using Ionic React? I kinda found a little info about it for frameworks like Angular or Vue, but not for React.

What I’m looking for: in an iOS app, transition between pages goes always from left to right or viceversa. I’d like to achieve that, with certain pages in the app, the transition animation goes vertically instead of horizontally. Is that achievable?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Bumping the thread. Anyone has any idea? :confused:

I ran into the same problem. It’s possible but it’s not documented well in Ionic Docs for React. For anyone looking into this, I wrote a short Medium article which explains how to implement custom page transition on the app level or on specific redirects only.