RC5 component slides.js, init swiper


Hi there,

For months now I build an ionic 2 app, I’m using the slides component from beta 9 and today I want to upgrade to RC5 (RC3 to RC5) but I’m facing an issue with the rewrite of this component.

When my page with the slides component load I have this error :
swiper.js:84 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘classList’ of null
at initSwiper (swiper.js:84)
at Slides._initSlides (slides.js:693)

I’m not able to reproduce this error on a fresh new project and my actual one is quite too big to post it here (and I can’t publish this code) so I go further on this and try to understand why this is happening.

From what I saw in slides.js swiper is initialized two times, here :

At this moment my slider was not rendered so in the “_initSlide”, “var s = this;” return undefined…

And then the “_initSlide” function is called again this time using angular lifecycle :

with only the second call in afterContentInit everything is okey, “var s = this;” return an instance of the slider and all works perfectly.

I want to understand why there is two call to “_initSlide”, and why the first one occurs when nothing is rendered. Maybe it could help me to solve my problem.

Thanks for your input.


any solution on this?


Did you fix that? Same problem here.