RC0 Sass File where does app.core.scss, app.ios.scss, app.ms.scss etc go?

We have filled this files up with many hundrets of lines of codes. The Changelog to RC0 just says, put them into variables. Say What ?!!

What happens with the @import component scss files ?

I have to say I find this upgrade log pretty weak, guys.

I’m having different random scss issues, but in trying to piece together the details of changes to theme management I came across these lines on the github changelog that pertain to migrating scss on pre-rc apps that may help you:

28: Rename and relocate app/theme/app.variables.scss to src/theme/variables.scss.
**29: Move app Sass rule files from app/theme to src/app. This includes app.core.scss, app.ios.scss, etc.**
30: Move any variables from the mode specific files into the theme/variables.scss file.

Oddly, the recommended way to migrate (copying an existing project to a new project) does not include these details. You have to read further down in the non-recommended migration details to find this. It’s definitely confusing.

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Turns out I did not have to change my imports and the way we use Sass. We followed Sass Best practice and this did not change from Ionic Beta to RC0. So false alarm. The changelog is a shame. Let’s hope the coming documentation will be better by lightyears. Fingers crossed.