Sass Errors & Project Set Up Ionic 4

I am following a tutorial that is showing me how to change variables in src/theme/variables.scss.

When I save the file I get errors for all the @import values. The first one is @import “ionic.globals”;

As I created the project with the CLI I thought that it would include all the files needed. I must be doing something wrong.

The theme folder only has variables.scss in it, no other files.

I used the following command to build the app.

ionic start ionic-theming sidemenu

Please can somebody tell me what I am missing. Is the tutorial not for Ionic 4?

Do you mean errors in your IDE?

This happens in WebStorm if you don’t add the directory containing the imported file to ‘Resource roots’:

Hi Robinyo,

I’m using Atom. I am opening the folder created by the CLI in atom and saving it in there.

I’ll have a look for ‘Resource Roots’.


I was using the Sass-Autocompile package in Atom. I turned it off and now I can follow the tutorial no problem.

Robinyo, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.