RC0 and AngularFire2 - Can't resolve all parameters

Hi everyone,

Have tried multiple times to resolve this without any success…Basically in Beta 11 I wrote a FirebaseService extends AngularFire from which I made all my AngularFire2 calls. Code snippet below shows its implementation:

export class FirebaseService extends AngularFire {

  constructor(firebaseConfig: string, auth: AngularFireAuth, database: FirebaseDatabase) {
      super(firebaseConfig, auth, database);



I would then put FirebaseService in the app.ts bootstrap to define it as a “global” provider. Now as I am upgrading to RC0, I am not able to proceed past this error:

Uncaught Error: Can't resolve all parameters for DiscoverPage: (NavController, GlobalService, ?, Events).

Some have told me it could be a circular DI problem, but if that were the case, this error would have triggered in earlier versions. Anyone with advice on how to proceed?