RC.0: How do use PouchDB? Problem with require()

I’m working on an app using PouchDB for local storage following this tutorial. Now I’m trying to update to RC.0 without success.

Here are the main steps I tried:

ionic start myApp --v2 --ts
ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-sqlite-2
npm install pouchdb --save
typings install dt~require --global --save

If I try to use PouchDB with require()

let PouchDB = require('pouchdb');

inside my provider like before, I get the following error:

error TS2304: Cannot find name 'require'.

If I try use PouchDB without require()

import * as PouchDB from 'pouchdb';

inside my provider, I get the following error:

error TS2307: Cannot find module 'pouchdb'.

Can you help me. Without an solution, I can’t continue with my work. Thanks in advance!

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I use the following workaround:

In package.json, add the following dependency, devDependencies and config:

  "dependencies": {
    "pouchdb": "^6.0.6",
  "devDependencies": {
    "rollup-plugin-json": "^2.0.2",
    "rollup-plugin-node-builtins": "^1.2.1",
    "rollup-plugin-node-globals": "^1.0.9",
  "config": {
    "ionic_rollup": "./config/rollup.config.js"

Add a file config/rollup.config.js:

var ngTemplate = require('../node_modules/@ionic/app-scripts/dist/plugins/ng-template').ngTemplate;
var nodeResolve = require('rollup-plugin-node-resolve');
var builtins = require('rollup-plugin-node-builtins');
var commonjs = require('rollup-plugin-commonjs');
var globals = require('rollup-plugin-node-globals');
var json = require('rollup-plugin-json');

// https://github.com/rollup/rollup/wiki/JavaScript-API

var rollupConfig = {

   * entry: The bundle's starting point. This file will
   * be included, along with the minimum necessary code
   * from its dependencies
  entry: './.tmp/app/main.dev.js',

   * sourceMap: If true, a separate sourcemap file will
   * be created.
  sourceMap: true,

   * format: The format of the generated bundle
  format: 'iife',

   * dest: the output filename for the bundle in the buildDir
  dest: 'main.js',

   * plugins: Array of plugin objects, or a single plugin object.
   * See https://github.com/rollup/rollup/wiki/Plugins for more info.
  plugins: [


      main: true,
      module: true,
      jsnext: true,
      browser: true,
      extensions: ['.js', '.json']

      namedExports: {
        'node_modules/js-extend/extend.js': ['extend']



if (process.env.IONIC_ENV == 'prod') {

  // production mode
  rollupConfig.entry = '.tmp/app/main.prod.js';


module.exports = rollupConfig;

And change the following:

import * as PouchDB from 'pouchdb'


import PouchDB from 'pouchdb'

You still have a typescript error when linting, but for me this worked and I can use the PouchDB.


I tried your solution and it seems to work. But I hope that’s not the final solution.

I gave up making the import work. I sure lost my patience before trying to configure rollup :slight_smile:

however, this works for me without too much hassle:

  1. add “pouchdb”: “^6.0.6” in package.json

  2. install typings

    typings install --global --save dt~pouchdb dt~pouchdb-adapter-websql dt~pouchdb-browser dt~pouchdb-core dt~pouchdb-http dt~pouchdb-mapreduce dt~pouchdb-node dt~pouchdb-replication

  3. reference typings

    /// <reference path="…/…/…/typings/index.d.ts"

  4. *EDIT: include pouchdb script reference in index.html

Typings still miss some declarations like query though. Tried this only in ionic serve so far, but it worked.

Sorry, but I don’t know what you mean by “reference typings”. Can you help me? Thanks in advance!

after you install typings, just paste the following line at the beginning your .ts file:

/// <reference path="../../../typings/index.d.ts" />

note, that it is the relative path of the typing .d.ts file so it may vary depending on your directory structure.

You might need to modify the rollup.config.js file even further to include a moduleName property.

moduleName: ‘yourBundleName’

This article might help


Excellent !, i was be able to solve pouchdb import with this article :slight_smile: many thanks :+1:

This article was a great help for me, too! Thank you very much!

But I got an error first like:

bundle failed: Module myApp/node_modules/js-extend/extend.js does not export extend (imported by myApp/node_modules/pouchdb/lib/index-browser.es.js)

I found a solution by some modifications to the rollup process at this in the section “Third Party Modules Export Errors”.

But after solving the last problem, I have a new one: How to use crypto-pouch in rc0? In the past I used:

var PouchDB = require(‘pouchdb’).plugin(require(‘crypto-pouch’));

In rc0 I don’t know how to include/use this plugin.

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That article’s suggestions didn’t work for me (still get the “extend.js does not export extend” error). It also has typos and invalid JSON in the example values. Does anybody have a working code example?

@fulekia the page does work, but it misses one change. you have to swap
var ngTemplate = require('../dist/plugins/ng-template').ngTemplate;
var ngTemplate = require('../node_modules/@ionic/app-scripts/dist/plugins/ng-template').ngTemplate;
at the top

Edit: check out https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/8356

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Thanks for the suggestions in this thread. I’m having a few issues though. Followed all the official (and unofficial) suggestions, but still…

[17:08:44]  rollup: Treating 'events' as external dependency
[17:08:44]  rollup: Treating 'stream' as external dependency
[17:08:44]  rollup: Treating 'util' as external dependency
[17:08:44]  rollup: Treating 'timers' as external dependency

[17:08:50]  rollup: No name was provided for external module 'events' in options.globals – guessing 'events'
[17:08:50]  rollup: No name was provided for external module 'stream' in options.globals – guessing 'stream'
[17:08:50]  rollup: No name was provided for external module 'util' in options.globals – guessing 'util'
[17:08:50]  rollup: No name was provided for external module 'timers' in options.globals – guessing 'timers'

… which at first glance seems fine: "Hey rollup-plugin-node-resolve has detected some node globals used in this ancient node module I’m using, great."
But then when I’ve built to my device, the bundled js throws: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: events

I can do the named exports (which shouldn’t be required for builtin node modules), but that doesn’t make a difference.

Doing a bit more digging, I can get rid of all those errors if I manually add the two plugins: rollup-plugin-node-globals and rollup-plugin-node-builtins. Then I (maybe) get a bit further, and now the app throws:
TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'superCtor.prototype') which has me stumped atm.

Any suggestions? Feel like I have to be a rocket scientist to work with these module bundlers. :smile:

If someone still needs a solution, here is the working setup for Pouchdb+Pouchdb-find on Ionic2 RC0:

Thanks for this link, but I’ve found this a few days ago. I tried it and with PouchDB-Find it works for me, but not with Crypto-Pouch. I’m getting the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘listenerCount’ of undefined stream_readable.js:38

I have same issue with other npm module. It seems, that old modules need to fix manually for typescript 2+ (in your case in stream_readable.js line 38 change listenerCount to window.listenerCount. or maybe author forgot “var” before listenerCount).

If it helps - you can create an issue about this to module author or fork project, fix it and use link on your fork in package.json