Ionic 2 and PouchDB error

Getting the following error whenusing PouchDB with Ionic 2
TypeScript error: typings/globals/pouchdb/index.d.ts(4,19): Error TS2503: Cannot find namespace 'PouchDB'.


ionic start cloudo-auth blank --v2
cd cloudo-auth blank
sudo npm install pouchdb --save
sudo typings install dt~pouchdb --global --save
ionic serve


I’ve only just come across this issue so not 100% sure on the reasoning, but from what I can tell it’s an intended side effect of an update to typings which strips references.

If you manually install all the dependencies it seems to work:

typings install --global --save dt~pouchdb dt~pouchdb-adapter-websql dt~pouchdb-browser dt~pouchdb-core dt~pouchdb-http dt~pouchdb-mapreduce dt~pouchdb-node dt~pouchdb-replication

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