Range Slider Not Visible on Android JellyBean

I use a range slider on one of my html pages. The slider works well on KitKat Android version but the slider line is not visible on JellyBean. I have included the markup below

This is with version 0.9.21

Hey I’ve opened a new issue for this for the time being: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/492

Android testing is in the works right now, so we’ll take a look.

I am new to ionic and faced this issue in first few hours which discouraged me to use ionic for my mobile app, but then I found this thread and figured out the solution here

In case you still face this issue after applying the solution on above thread, try changing display: inline-block to display: flex

With below CSS class, slider worked for me on Android 4.1 webview browser.