Radio buttons not tappable on android

Hello again.

I am creating radio buttons using the following code. These radio buttons work alright without any issue on desktop browser. However, these are not tappable when deployed with phonegap on an Android device or emulator.

<div class="list">
   			<div class="item item-divider">
   				Select the time range
   			<ion-radio ng-repeat="d in optionsDuration" ng-value="d.value" ng-model="selectTimeRangeGroup.defaultTimeRange" ng-change="saveTimeRange(d.value)" name="time-range">{{}}</ion-radio>
   			<div class="item item-divider">
   				Sort projects by
   			<ion-radio ng-model="sortProjectGroup.defaultProjectSort" ng-value="d.value" ng-repeat="d in optionsStatus" ng-change="saveProjectSort(d.value)" name="project-group">{{}}</ion-radio>

Why would this happen? I am using the ionic beta 1.0 version and this issue is on Android 4.4.2. Any help with this is really appreciated. This is baffling!!!

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Any way you could post a codepen with some sample data?

Any updates on this topic?
I’ve tried both with select boxes and radio buttons and both were untappable in Android still.