Radio button doesn't show on Chrome

I have two radio buttons on a page, and I can’t see them correctly. Here is my code:

<div radio-group>
    <div class="check-item" *ngFor="let answer of quiz.choices;let i=index">
        <ion-radio (ionSelect)="setAnswer(i)"></ion-radio>
        <ion-label>{{ answer.text }}</ion-label>

And here is how I see them:
This is responsive mobile version - desktop app.


When I tried your code in plunker it’s working:

You can also implement the radio buttons with ngModel like in the doc:

Here is a working plunker that way:

Hi again haha! :slight_smile: I added a class call radio-md, I don’t know why but in mobile the radio wasn’t showing properly, but adding this class solves the problem! Thanks for your time!

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