1.1.1 (stable and nightly) radio checkmark not showing

I have a fairly complex form that has an ion-radio element at the top with three items bound using ng-model … After updating to 1.1.1 the checkbox no longer shows on device or via chrome (quick test). Is this a known issue? I rolled back ionic to 1.1.0 and it is working again.

i updated some apps to 1.1.1 and had no problems with radio buttons. Are you using the directive ion-radio or the simple css-component?

Same problem here, issue only with ion-radio directive. Using the css components, all works as expected. (Perhaps its worth noting that my implementation is also fairly complex, but tried the directive clean and simple not nested inside any other components and still not working).

Yes. My issue is with directive only.

Furthermore, when using the aspect-looking CSS components, on ionic view on iOS9 at least, you can select once a different button, and then they kind of get stuck missing a digest cycle.

So, if you click “a”, “a” gets selected. If you click “b”, nothing happens. If you click “a” again, then “b” appears selected.

This behavior is not replicated on the browser, not even on the ios devices.

The solution marked here:

Worked for me.

please open our post this on a github issue. because all that fixes should be included in the 1.1.1 release