Queued up push notifications for Android app are not delievered

Followed the following to implement push notifications:

  • Push From Scratch guide followed by Android Setup.
  • Executed ionic run android to test the app on real device.
  • User is identified and device is registered successfully.

When I send notification using curl command
curl -u <private_key>: -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "X-Ionic-Application-Id: <app_id>" https://push.ionic.io/api/v1/push -d '{"tokens": ["APA91bGG55tcieFax42EioaiLt_OzGFsf7g0yUOtthWdGLYO0_WKuboRStT35lQZ7K016FxZB5KZHF8bgJQz8ZH184CTqzxddNSN7zpOM0_GfcF_qVujDLs2JGsmT_qKDXy_BbqH3QLoNQv7VRhiiwS8KF4t9d2VrA"], "notification":{"alert":"Hello World!"}}'

It responds with {"result":"queued","message_id":"564c55ea514411e5a138b27882b7dbc0"}.

I tried multiple times but all the messages are queued up and no message is pushed to the device. App is open in the device.

Can you please help?

got the same issue on iOS…

got the same issue on Android… Somebody can help us ?

i’ve the same problem…any news??

I use my own server instead of ionic.io
But I noticed even with my server sometimes messages get stuck for awhile before going through. Google Cloud Messaging probably just have a big load for awhile. Or maybe you have been spamming messages (even for test purposes)

Do your messages end up being sent after 30-60 minutes latest? or do they not get sent at all?

I explored push notification in Sep 2015 and didn’t try it now as we’ve put it on hold but at that time messages were not sent at all.