Questions about Ionic's new push notification service


I am developing an app that is currently in private beta, and I am currently using parse for push notificaitons, I would love to switch to ionic’s new push notification service, but I have several questions.

  1. Is the service currently reliable? If I move to public beta in 1-2 months, will I be fine?

  2. What is the relationship between ionic push notifications and $cordovaPush?

  3. I know that websockets allow for real-time 2-way communication, but how is this used? Specifically, it seems that angular-websockets would only run when the app itself is running. What am I missing?

  4. Can I write logic that modifies a notification when a user is actually running the app? For example, my app has a chat component, and users get notifications when they get a new message. However, if they are currently in the chat view, I don’t wan’t them to get a push notification.

Thanks for helping to clarify my understanding!


I’m asking the same questions as you !

  1. Yes
  2. $cordovaPush is just a directive that works with the push plugin that works with Ionic Push. Confused?
  3. Websocket is inside the webapp only. Not when its not running. Different use case.
  4. You have to program your backend to remove the token when in chat view. Probably send REST call to server upon entering the chat view first.