Push notification to deep link


I’m trying to get the push notifications to deep link into application. I’m using Parse to to send push notifications and I’ve tried couple of things. I’m using parse-push-plugin and that part works even listening for the notification while app is running but nothing when app is not running what makes sense.

So I tried this approach https://medium.com/angularjs-articles/deep-linking-in-ionic-mobile-applications-44d8b4685bb3 and its really clear how to get deep linking to work but the thing I have problem with is how to get push notification to actually use link when it opens the app.

Does anyone have an advice or actually got this to work, I imagine it being common thing for apps?

Thanks in advance

Anyone with thought on this?

I take it you are using plugin $cordovaPush to receive the notification?

$rootScope.$on('$cordovaPush:notificationReceived', function(event, notification) {

That should link to the notification content.
I haven’t tested it.

anyone else have tested it? thanks!