Question: Should Material Design for Ionic include Roboto resources in app VS system font

Should Ionic Material include Roboto fonts adding ~13MB to your project VS Ensuring fonts available for iOS Material Design?

Latest versions of Android include Roboto as the system san serif, older versions do not.
iOS doesn’t include Roboto but has San Francisco which has similar glyphs and typographic styles.

The Material Design guidelines for typography states Roboto should be used, however the implication is a larger app size due to including the font.

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Really useful to know that the font isn’t required for android by I would argue that whether it is included or not for iOS is irrelevant as in my opinion you shouldn’t be using Google’s material design on that platform.

I think it’s fine to take inspiration from the concept but re-implementing with the same or similar fonts etc is not appropriate.

Why do you say that, Material Design is so much better than what is current iOS standard design.

@delta98 could it be a option to include the font or not?

@hrtrulz I’ve reduced the number of included font files required and left only woff and woff2 as these are supported by both platforms.

There is also an option to include them or default to system font which will be correct for iOS.