Query document id from firestore


Hi my friends . I have news app in ionic4 and i imported all the news from my database in firestore

the problem that i have that i want when i click on the details button it must show the details of each news in a details page ,
i could that passed the id of every news to deatils page but its just show the id As in the following picture mydata2

my code :

export class FilmsPage implements OnInit {

  news: Observable<any[]>;
  constructor(public db: AngularFirestore, private router: Router) { }

  ngOnInit() {
      this.news = this.db.collection('123').snapshotChanges().map(actions => {
      return actions.map(a => {
        const data = a.payload.doc.data();
        const id = a.payload.doc.id;
        return { id, ...data };


<ion-content padding>
            <ion-item *ngFor=" let count of news | async">
              <h5>{{count.title}}<ion-button routerLink="/details/{{count.id}}"> details</ion-button>

                <img src="{{count.image}}">




export class DetailsPage implements OnInit {
  id: string;

  constructor(private router: ActivatedRoute, private afs: AngularFirestore) {


  ngOnInit() {
    this.id = this.router.snapshot.paramMap.get('id');



<ion-content padding >