Ionic passing parameters from firebase

Hi everyone, I’m relatively new to ionic and I need help on this. Any replies would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks :slight_smile:

  • I have stored data in my firebase and would like to retrieve them by their respective id and display it
  • The service (loan.service.ts) is already done and i just need to pass it in to my typescript ( but i don’t know how to.


(i tried using
this.loanService.getLoanById(this.loanId).then(data => { = data;
but it the page does not load and the items that were stored in the sub-collection is not shown)


Are you saying the page doesn’t load? Thats a separate issue from getting the data. You need to get the page loading first.

Hi ! The page does load but in this manner

I think the method that i’m using is the wrong one. Do you have any idea how i can correctly pass the parameter ? :slight_smile: