QR Reader on Ionic React

Hi I’m building an application with Ionic and React JS, now I have to implement a QR Reader. I found this react-qr-reader and it works perfectly on the web application if open from both pc and mobile, but if I compile the application for IOS the camera no longer works. Is there any way to use this QR Reader or any other QR Reader/Scanner using the native camera?

I also tried to implement the native camera with Capacitor and make the Zxing library read the qr but in addition to being very uncomfortable having to take the photo, very often it cannot read the QR.

Do not recommend using this QR Scanner because it is not compatible with Ionic React.

Hi, use cordova qr reader plugin from the ionic official website, here:

That wouldn’t be the one explicitly mentioned in OP, would it?

Qr Code Scanner module for capacitor doesn’t work!
They listed barcode scanner plugin if you go through official doc when you check for react.

Using barcode scanner plugin worked for me for QR code scanner in capacitor.

yes for ionic react this QR Scanner isn’t compatible.