QrCode and Barcode scanner with Ionic5 and Capacitor

I have to update an App from Ionic3 to Ionic5.
It is a small app, with a few pages and uses some Cordova plugins to read Barcodes, to read QR codes and to take photos.
I think the best thing is to create a new Ionic5 app and copy the features to from the Ionic3 app to the Ionic5 app.

I can see that it is suggested for the new apps to use Capacitor instead of Cordova.
I’ve never used it and I can’t see a plugin to read Barcodes nor a plugin to read QR codes.
I’m using these plugins:

Will I still be able to use these plugins with Capacitor?

Thank you very much


Yes on BarcodeScanner, can’t speak to Camera Preview.

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