Q: Ionic-Angular + Capacitor + Electron on RPi like Linux devices

I’m totally confused and need some insights… This is not fully Capacitor related but I think it best fits here.

I’m planning a system with different RPi(-like) devices and Win PC’s (to be used in our museum). Until now I custom-coded in C/C++ with GPIO and projectors or sound. But these are standalone devices with custom compiled OS and if you upgrade/change the board behind it it has to be re-done.

What I plan is to add an abstraction level on edge devices (w. Capacitor + Electron), build a network, put a “server” on a Win 10 PC, have a Capacitor/Electron Manager program on that PC to monitor the devices (inc. sensors) etc.

Knowing Ionic/Cap/Electron are frontend mainly targeting mobile (Android/iOS) devices and webApps, I wonder if it is possible to use sensors, buttons, Pi cameras, etc in Capacitor/Electron.

With the help of the latest blog posts I also started to learn NX, which made things worse in my head (I think)…

Any insight is very much appreciated.