PWA: QueMesa - Eat for half price in restaurants near you

Hi all, we’ve just launched our Progressive Web App for QueMesa and need feedback.

Please go to on your mobile and let me know if you have any issues using the app or any other feedback. (and what browser/mobile you are using)

Unfortuantely the half-price meal-deals are only available in Mexico City right now :wink: Thanks to Ionic for making it so easy to have native and PWA apps with a single codebase!


Hey @rodneyjoyce! This is AWESOME! Great job on this!

Love it!

All very smooth and lots of functionality.

And I’m hungry now :wink:

Thank YOU!!! I’ve been using Ionic for many years now but this PWA stuff just took it to a new level!

Thanks a lot - your QA feedback is really appreciated! We are also amazed at how smooth it is. We just need to fix a few now… (like Push Notifications :wink:

Que Mesa? What table? lol. Great name! Que linda! I really like the color scheme.

When viewed using a Chrome browser at full screen, some pictures in the Restaurants tab look pixelated, but that’s the only flaw I’ve found.

Glad you like it :wink: We’re ok with that for now - we have which we will keep as a landing page. It will launch with the current orange button on the home page. If you go to with a mobile app it will automatically redirect you straight to the app too.