Presenting our new Ionic2 app - QueMesa - Half-price fine-dining

Hi All,

I would like to present our newest Ionic2 app. Thanks to a great framework, we were able to release iOS and Android apps in under 2 weeks! This was not possible a couple of years ago.

QueMesa is aimed at Spanish speakers in Mexico City (for now). It allows users to eat at restaurants for half-price. Every restaurant on our platform must have at least 1 promotion of 50% per day. We are currently in beta (feedback has been fantastic from both Restaurant Owners who want to fill empty restaurants and from customers (who like to eat for half price!).

QueMesa Android Link: (Ionic2):
QueMesa Apple Link (Ionic2):
Website (ng4):
Admin Portal Website (ng4):
QM Android Admin Portal App (Ionic2):
QM iOS Admin Portal App (Ionic2):

Please download and give us any feedback (NOTE: Restaurants and bookings are REAL, if you want to test it, make a booking for the QueMesa Demo restaurant.


Updated with Explainer video and Apple App Store link…

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@rodneyjoyce Cool…, we are also in plan to develop similar sites and apps
Was interested to know how much this over all process/development took, how many people worked on App & Web Sites,
And what technology you choose for Admin and other Web sites portal.
ByB - Admin Portal App link is broken,

Thanks for the heads-up. Our webapps are written in Angular4/Typescript/Bootstrap 4 which was a good choice in hindsight.

QueMesa started in November last year and we are a team of around 6 people but we do use outsourcing for some things.

Thanks for the Details, All the best.

Proving that Ionic2 really is cross-platform with 1 code base :wink:

Never pay full price for a restaurant meal again!

and an overview of the app:

FYI - it’s not coming up on Apple App Store.

Sorry, I should have mentioned, during Beta we are only rolling out QueMesa in Mexico.