PWA/mobile web address bar not hiding on scroll

Hi, so I am using Ionic to create a PWA - just a basic, small mini website, easy enough.

However, after some googling I found out that the address bar and in some cases (depending on browser) additional bottom bar (see Chromium on Samsung devices) are NOT auto hiding on scroll.
Have a look here:

This seems to be a known issue and apparently the Ionic team does not seem to be interested in fixing this. Can anyone please confirm that there is no workaround (without hacking ionic?)

For me, this is a deal breaker… the address bar, combined with the bottom bar on Samsung browsers takes a total of approx… 70 pixels in height. This is A LOT of screenspace to give up just to use ionic…

Does anyone here have experience with this and maybe an easy workaround? I couldn’t find any.

Have you got anything on this yet @Snag

Nothing yet? How can’t this be solved? I was thinking on making my web with Ionic but now…