Ionic in web. Hide browser address bar

When an Ionic App is deployed in the web and you access from a phone, the bar address never dissapears when scrolling down. I know this is because of ion-content or something similar but I haven’t found any work around or info about this, only an issue in github from Ionic 2.

Isn’t there any work around to hide the browser address bar yet? This is a really downcoming…


Maybe I misunderstand?

When you go to a PWA site, using a browser, you don’t want to get rid of the address bar, because you are in a browser!

When you install a PWA onto a device as a PWA and run it, then there is no address bar, because it is running as a PWA!


But install the PWA, no address bar.

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See: Fake it: auto-hide the address bar

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When the content in ion-content is enough to be scrolled and then you scroll, it’s desirable to me that the address bar from Chrome App hides automatically just like it does in any website.


I’ll take a look at that and update you, thanks!

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Any update on this matter?

I didn’t get it to work yet

Need to achieve same, any updates?

This is still an issue. Websites built with Ionic feel really old-fashioned on the Android mobile browser, because the search bar does not hide when scrolling down. Are there any updates or workarounds yet?

I have the same problem. Can someone help us? Doest exist an official support?

Waiting for workaround …
I also hope this could be fixed by Chrome.

Has anyone tried these techniques…

Hi IonicGeoff,

thank you for your reply.

I already tried everything described in this Stack Overflow thread.

When installing the Ionic app as a PWA, the address bar is hidden. When opening the app as a normal webpage, the address bar does not hide when scrolling down.

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I stumbled upon this while checking our ionic 3 PWA. Other PWA have automatic address bar hide while ionic 3 pwa haven’t. In our manifest, the display is standalone.

Hi, I’m also looking for an answer for this.
Mobile websites look worse if the address bar doesn’t hide, its a pity that ionic apps don’t do that by default.
There must be a way to communicate the scroll event of the ion-content to outside, but unfortunately I’m not a frontend expert.
If would be great if anyone would have a solution, or a hint on how to proceed with this.

Any Update. How to solve this issue?

I Asked on GitHub and they told me they are searching for a workaround, as they did 4 months ago. I think they dont want to fix it but for me is a huge problem

Any update or workaround? This issue will be fixed?

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They seem to be working on it now, maybe add a thumbs up to the ticket to see if they prioritize