PushPlugin - Not recieving push when app is active/open


Hi everyone,

i am using PushPlugin for receiving push. Everything works fine when app is in background/sleep mode. But when app is active. I am unable to recieve any push notification.

i am using Cordova 5.0.0

Am i missing something?

Any help would be highly appreciated.


Have you some info for help you?
I use Cordova 5 and Push Plugin and works.


Need more detail to help you


I know that iOS handles notifications differently if the app is in the foreground or background.

If it’s in the background, it looks like a normal push, however in the foreground you have to handle that yourself. There should be a way to set a foreground call back on a push notification, and when you do this you just need to alert the user yourself however you would like that they have a notification. The easiest way to test this is by using a Alert box but that is not recommended for production in an app because they’re really not user friendly.


Issue is fixed now. Thanks all of you for reply.


I’m experiencing this issue on Android, the pushes are not shown if the app is open. Any updates / thoughts on that?

I’d like to have the notifications presented as notifications even with the app open, why not?