Need help to get Ionic V2 Push Notifications working

I been working 10 hours on Push Notifications trying to figure them out. I’ve read EVERY SINGLE Ionic Documentation, online fixed people claim work, etc… Nothing works. I found a V2 Push Notification Tutorial on YouTube but he has files I don’t. I don’t understand. I’ve done everything… Read EVERYTHING. I’m so mad, confused, upset… What the frick do I have to do to get these damn notifications work? Maybe my life style just isn’t millionaire enough. Huh?

What do I do? I been running into installation errors all day, I got everything working. But it’s just not working and I got a few deprecated libraries (I don’t think they matter) I have a FireBase, Keys, Apps, paid for Google’s Android Dev. Everything.

Please help me before I go freaking crazy. This is pathetic. I’ve went through every freaking folder and still don’t have the same files as others and what not. I’m so confused.

Team viewer?

try this as it is working for me

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I funny have the app.modules.ts or app.components.ts. :pensive::broken_heart: That’s the video I was following.

The tutorials written by @ankushagg93 about how to set up certificates for both FCM (android) and APNS (iOS) were super duper useful for me. Good place to start.

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what is the error ?
i have followed ionic documentation same like this. it is working by my mobile to send push notification to others also

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I get an error because I don’t have the app.*****.ts files.

Teamviewer pls?

post your app module and app component code .

I don’t have them files? I searched every file, Comes back no results found.


  1. Download and install node.js latest version =>

  2. Open node.js command prompt.

  3. Type following commands in

    a) npm install -g ionic
    b) npm install -g cordova

  4. To start fresh project .

    a) ionic start --v2

the only thing i can say you need to check all this again.

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Could it be I didn’t have them cause I created a tabs and he created a blank?

no its is not . can you send snapshot of your file structure of application ?

Here’s a tree of the ionic tree structure.

Solved: the different default themes do generate a different file tree.