Push notification not show in foregorund

Buenos dias,

I have been testing the notification plugin on a Windows PC and everything worked correctly, I have duplicated the application on an iMac and I have done a test on Android as on windows and the pushObject.on (‘notification’) does not return anything, nor any console.log.

I have followed this guide:

But it still does not work, I repeat on an iMac, I do not know if I have skipped a step or something but I need a little help here.

Thank you.

I think by design, ios does not show push notification bubble on foreground (or when the app is actively on focus), its up to the app developer to handle the push notification (by listening to the push event). Some dev would listen for push, then show a mimicked push notification bubble inside the app to fake that the app received the push notification.

You can read some of the notes here:

My problem is that I can not manage the notification on Android since the on (‘notification’) event does not show me anything.

I do not know how I can access the content of the notification, whether from the FCM plugin or from the Push.

I need to be able to access the information of the notification to create an Alert and show it, in the background the notifications work correctly but the device does not vibrate or sound.

Maybe if you indicated me some guide in TS I would appreciate it.


Try this form Ionic Native: