Push notification in iOS

I want inbox stacking and icon for iOS. what notification payload should I send?
I am using ionic 2 and ionic push plugin

Define please. Right now this is not clear (to me at least).

So let say if I send first notification to an ios device, the notification is shown on notification center. Now if I send another notification, the second notification also appears on notification center as a separate notification. I want to group them together and want to show it like this - ‘2 new messages’.
Also, I want to show custom icon for notification.

For android, I am able to achieve both using below notification block -

"notification": {
        "title": "Test Notification",
        "android": {
        	"icon": "$IMAGE_URL",
        	"image": "$IMAGE_URL",
                "stack": 3,
        	"data": {
                     "style": "inbox",
                     "summaryText": "%n% Unread Notifications",
                     "notId": "101"

For more information on this, check this link - https://github.com/phonegap/phonegap-plugin-push/issues/482#issuecomment-209644747

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I have never seen such behaviour in iOS. I don’t think this exists.

What you can do is to send a push to remove the old push notification and then send a new one. Facebook Messenger does this when you read the messages in browser - the old notifications just disappear on your device.