IonicPush - Receive multiple Notifications


I’m currently using ionicPush in my app, but i’m not able to receive multiple notifications.
I receive notification A, it’s display in my notification center
I receive notification B later, it replace notification A.

I would like to have notification A & B at the same time.

I’ve seen that cordova-plugin-push have a ‘stacking’ option, but i can’t make it to work.

Did someone have successfully made it ?

Thank for your help

Nobody had this problem ? :frowning:

I have as well this issue.

The ionic documentation, refers to Phonegap push plugin for further options on how push notifications are displayed.
You can find the details here.

However I am not quite sure how this interacts with ionicPush service.
I managed to have the Stacking working by using the argument notID, with the following code:

"notification": { "alert":"Hello World!" "android":{ "notID": i, } }

with i as an incremental value.

But I did not succeed to make the inbox stacking work.

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Thank for your contribution.
I’ve tried with notID in my POST request to ionic push API, but unfortunatly, it doesn’t work :frowning:
ie: i use a random number for ‘notID’ value, is it the problem ?

Did you use Ionic Push API ?

Thank you

I’ve made it work by setting incremental number on notID by user. Thanks for help !