Push notification implementation

Hello Guys ,

I’m done needed development for my app using Ionic v1 + AngularJS 1 .
Now want to add push notifications functionality into it.

Can anyone guide me in simple way for Push notifications implementations for my Ionic APP .

What are require things OR what are the configuration needed in order to add feature ?

Is there .apk is needed first in order to add push notifications ?

Awaiting response. Thank you very much in advance.

You can search about One Signal Push Notification implemented in Ionic…

@anicacute09 Thanks for you quick response.

Can it helps me to send push notifications from server to phone for specific users of my APP .
For ex - I have case like if Buyer insert the Quote Request i need to send push notifications to suppliers to inform them.

yeah surely you can do it with One Signal you just need a little logic of user_id(player_id) to be save in database in which user was the one logged in with the device…

Perfect. Thanks a lot. Looking into One plus.

no problem, cheers to that!