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I develop a mobile application with Ionic Framework who consist to build relationship between many users. In this application i want to send notification to specific user when another user post new messages or new comments like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Also, i want to send notification to all of my users when one of them post new article.

Can you help me to solve this issue ?

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You can use to send push notifications.

Hello @leonardoss thank you for your reply, i explore and with this service, all messages can be send using onesignal dashboard and not in my application.

For example, if user X send me message, i want to have notification about this message without go to onesignal dashboard.

No, you are wrong, OneSignal have an Rest API, you need to: When user click in button, you will call this api to send notification with a simple http request. You need to read the docs again :wink:

OneSignal’s server API can be used to:

  • Programmatically deliver notifications from your server or device to another device *

  • Add, update, and fetch data for your users without using our mobile or web SDKs.

  • Export User or Notification data from OneSignal.

Really ?? :grinning:

I need to read One Signal Api documentation for more details. Thank your for your advice, it’s very helpfull

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No problems dude, just read about this api and you will be able to send a notification between devices, if you have a server with some backend code, consider to call onesignal api from your server and not directly from the app. I think you already have an server to handle app data and user login and etc… In this backend, create a new method that receives userId and calls OneSignal to send it to user you want.

Hello @leonardoss,

Thank you.

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