Push notification delay


I’m experiencing issues with Ionics push notification service. If I create a notification through the dashboard and send it, it processes straight away and is delivered within seconds. If however I create a notification through the API, it has delays upwards of 15 minutes before sending.

Is there a way to set the priority that isn’t stated in the docs? Or will upgrading my account to a paid status have any effect?


No idea, sorry. But this sounds like something you might want to ask the Ionic people directly, they are not too active here: http://ionicframework.com/support#support

Thanks, I’ve contacted support.

What’s strange is that two created yesterday are still enqueue’d!

"created": "2017-08-09T16:30:36.227616+00:00",
"status": "locked",
"state": "enqueued",

Has anyone else had experience with sending push notifications dynamically through the API on a free account?

Just to further this, I’ve noticed when registering a token on a physical iOS device, the type is returned as ‘Android’ - could this potentially be the cause, and what possible reasons are there for ionic to return an iOS device an android token?


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Incase anyone is having the same issue, to resolve this I cut out the ionic push API and now send my notifications directly through firebase.

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thanks @bradbeatson , thought I was the only one having this problem.