Push Notification Automate Using PHP

Push Notification Automate Using PHP how can i do that please help me anyone.

What push provider are you using?
Are you already saving your user’s push token to your backend?

No,Sir please give me an example of code please actually am new in ionic.i dont know how to generate and save toke into the backend.please help me.

I can not give you code for anything if you don’t tell me which provider you are using for sending push notifications.

Sir,frankly speaking sir i don’t know.which provider use for push notification.i’m just learing ionic.can you explain me which provider use and how to use ?

Read this tutorial

Thank you. @wthijmen

i’m using Firebase service providers.

Yesterday you have been provided a tutorial and i’m go through the tutorial .after that i’m trying to implement.but show an error.please help me.