Push notification after tapped is clicked

Hello All,
I’m working with push notifications in one of my Ionic 2 Application.

Just stucked when the app is not running in the foreground that means when the app is closed and push notification triggers, its showing up properly but when its tapped the application starts up but the code after push is not working :s

pushObject.on(‘notification’).subscribe((data: any) => {

console.log(‘Data returned’, data);
//if user using app and push notification comes
if (data.additionalData.foreground) {
console.log(“app is running”);
} else {
//if user NOT using app and push notification comes
//TODO: Your logic on click of push notification directly
console.log(‘Push notification clicked’, data);

I’m unable to see this ‘Push notification clicked’ log, how to check my after push code is working properly?

Any help will be highly appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile: