Error on tapping firebase push notification being the app in foreground

Hi everyone,

I have an app made with Ionic, capacitor + Angular. I’m using Firebase to send notifications to the app. The notifications are received perfectly on iOS and Android devices, but, if the notificacion is received on an Android device having the app opened, tapping on the notification don’t do nothing. Debugging with Android Studio, I see the following error:

2023-05-04 16:25:57.770 1407-1407 NotifActivityStarter E onNotificationClicked called for non-clickable notification!

However, that error is nos appearing when the notification is received while the app is on background mode.

Also, I’ve observed that although I send the notification in the same way, different values are shown in the notification object received. The first one is the notification received on foreground, and the second one on background (which is working fine):

I’ve tried to send a simple push notification through Firebase interface, but same result.

Could you tell me what could be the reason?


I’m facing same issue :expressionless: