Push new state to ion-nav-bar without injecting new view to ion-nav-view



What I want to achieve:

  • Main view with a nav-bar on top of it
  • Detail view that overlays the main view partially at the bottom (e.g. 100px) using a custom modal directive
  • When the detail overlay appears, the nav-bar should change the title and a back-button should appear to dismiss the modal

I found this:

This is already working for me but unfortunately the ion-nav-bar is not updating the new state which I think is because I don’t inject a new template into ion-nav-view but only trigger a little function to show my custom modal.

How could I force the ion-nav-bar to recognize this new “state” in order to show the back-button? The title I already can change using the $ionicNavBarDelegate.changeTitle(); method.