How to keep ion-nav-view parent navigation bar


I am trying to do a tab like navigation using ion-scroll together with buttons (as ion-tab doesn’t support scrolling yet).
My problem is when I click in a “tab” (button), I am calling $state.go() to change to another state which is a nested state of the current state. E.g.:

Current state: app.state
Clicking on button will load: app.state.tab1

In app.state view I have

<ion-nav-view name="detailsContent">

And in app.state.tab1

<ion-content class="has-header has-subheader">
    content here

Taking this into account, when I call $state.go(‘app.state.tab1’) from state app.state the navigation bar changes. Is there a way to keep the navigation bar as in state app.state or is there a better way to achieve this tabs wannabe interface?


In app.state.tab1 template I added before and it solved the problem