Push issue with APN

Hello guys,

I’ve setted up my push for iOS with production certificates and provided the .12 certificate to ionic.
My problem is, when i open my ionic app, push gets enabled and a token is generated.

after about 10 Minutes the token is invalid, when I use https://api.ionic.io/push/tokens it is shown as follows:

  "type": "ios",
  "created": "2016-10-01T14:49:27.682818+00:00",
  "valid": false,
  "id": "935bc595857d2c6b5144e63c2b941eeb",
  "app_id": "8c946a3d",
  "token": "hereismytoken",
  "invalidated": "2016-10-01T14:57:19.764283Z"

do you have any suggestions?