Push from ion-tabs to ion-tabs

i have an application that have a page with the tabs (three). I would like to push a new page from the tabs page, so i’m using this line of code inside one of the three controllers

this.app.getRootNav().push('SquadraTabsPage', navParams);

The destination page also has the tabs. So it’s a push from a tabs page to another tabs page.

The result is worng. In the result page i have the old tabs and the header of the previous tabs page inside the content of the destination page.

When i click on a row i have not the correct page but the result is as follow.

After the push i have only the correct header but the content is wrong! I have not javascript errors.

Which is the problem?


I have the same problem but with an other level of difficulty. THe first ion-tabs is inside a page of a menu. So i have the menu, inside the menu i have the first tabs-page and from one page i would like another tabs-page in a push mode. Is it possible?

Use this link to see a demo of the error.
It seems to work from second push. It’s incredible! If i see the HTML elements the first time the ion-tabs are wrong. Why!?

Error Video

Sorry. No idea. That is crazy.

Have you tried push without set a root?

I have solved with the hideTabsOnChildPages and with the push without using the app root but with the navigation controller of the tab page.