Navigating to page from tab: Nested Tab vs Separate Page

I have a normal app with tabs built from the tabs starter app. On Tab 1 I call nav.push(NewPage), and it transitions to the new page, but this page is not nested inside of Tab 1. NewPage doesn’t have any tabs at all. This is different than the conference app for example.

How can I tell ionic whether or not I want nav.push to open the new page in the current tab vs on its own?

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I just found the tabSubPages config property, but it is a global app property. What can I use for the specific nav.push?


Thank you! I couldn’t find this anywhere in the documentation until I came across your post. FYI anyone else with this issue add this to your config object in your app decorator:

tabSubPages: false

I am having the same issue.

I thought that tabs had their individual nav stacks, so I assumed that there was a way to get the the current nav in the constructor.

Try this out: