Pull down to search

Is there a way to show the when you pull down, like on iOS.

This was possible before with start-y="", which is not working and also seemed to have had a bug.

Example: http://codepen.io/perrygovier/pen/LErQGX?editors=101


the codepen sample is not working

codepen example is working for me. just catch the list and pull down, search field appears and fully functional.

I checked the codepen and looks like its working fine

Right, is working, I didn’t know how to get the search bar pulled down.

I need the same functionality but only when I click on a search icon in navbar.

I hope Ionic comes with something for this out of the box.

I have the problem that I use *ngIf to show the searchbar when I click on the search icon, but then the searchbar overlaps the ion-content

Yes. But that’s done in Ionic 1. start-y doesnt seem to work on Ionic 2 - Beta 11.

are you able to do the same in ionic2?