Hide on init, scroll down to show

Hi there,

I was wondering how to implement this kind of functionality. I would like to have a search bar on top of a list that is hidden under the header on initialize. By scrolling down you can ‘pull’ the search bar out, it would be nice if this would still work with pull to refresh.

Setting the scroll position to after the search bar would be enough, but when the list is shorter than the height of the screen this won’t work I guess.

Snapchat and I believe others have implemented this nicely. If anyone has some ideas on how to make this work I could set up a codepen example.


You mean like this?

I really need to do my homework better. Thanks!

No worries, the start attribute isn’t really documented so you have to dig for it.
It’s been brought up before, thats the only reason I know about it :smile:

Digging through the source always brings op some nice small undocumented features. Maybe time to document though…? :smile: