Publishing App

Hello everyone, I am new using IONIC, I have made an application that performs an authentication system in front of the mongodb database through loopback. In the local environment everything works great but when I generate the apk and transfer this apk to my cell phone when authenticating my login the application stops working, Someone who can help me

what’s the error code? in console

The problem is that it does not make any mistakes when the apk is generated, and when running it on the cell phone it is already independent

You need to debug your android app.
Please look out for the following points,

  1. If you are using HTTP request, check that is your url is https and not http.
  2. If its http then add the domain of your url in network_security_config.xml which is in resources folder if your are using latest version of ionic.

These are just normal predication, you need to debug your app to actually resolve this issue.
Do let me know if you find any issue.

I very much appreciate your help, it helped me a lot.

Try chrome remote debug: