Publish an ionic 3 app

I am helping a NGO organization with a website and application development. So I have created a hybrid app . I noticed that I need to publish my app separately in google play store and apple app store . Do I need to do anything separately for website ?

What do you mean with:

Do I need to do anything separately for website ?

I need to know if I need to pay anything for my application to run on web

Most certainly the fees to host your app on the cloud. You have to deploy your app on the cloud so that people who uses your app can reach the website you want to serve.

I would suggest DO (DigitalOcean) it is simple for new developers and you can deploy an app for production really quick

Check their docs to learn more.

Even better and more natural option would be Ionic’s Pro plans;

But I wouldn’t suggest it if you are looking to deploy a very simple app.

App marketplace’s fees are separate.

To clarify though, there aren’t any Ionic fees for publishing onto the web (unless you utilize Ionic Pro). Just standard web host costs and such.

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